Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice



Yorkshire Roots


Located on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds close to the traditional market town of Malton, Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice is a small family run enterprise with its roots well and truly planted in Yorkshire.

English Apples
We use only carefully chosen English apples to produce a very fresh tasting juice. Click here to read what the judges in the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards had to say about us. After picking in the autumn, the apples are simply washed, milled and pressed, producing a naturally cloudy juice with no additives or colourings. Gentle pasteurization then ensures the juice has a 18 month shelf life.

Made by hand in the traditional way
The apples are checked and washed prior to milling which shreds them into a coarse form called a pomace. This pomace is loaded into the press in layers, called cheeses, held together by cloths and separated by pressing boards. After careful pressing the juice is collected and allowed to settle overnight to produce a natural, often cloudy juice which is ready for bottling. As a safety measure the juice is filtered before bottling. It is then gently pasteurised to ensure a long life. The resulting healthy drink has no additives (other than a small amount of vitamin C to prevent discoloration) and no added sugar or colourings.

Who is our apple juice suitable for?
Simply everyone! Yorkshire Wolds apple juices are perfect as part of your ‘5 a day’. Children love them because the blend of apples we use produces a fresh but not too tart flavour. Adults love our juice too and it’s special enough to serve to guests as an alternative to alcoholic drinks (although we have it on good authority that it makes the perfect cocktail when mixed with vodka or Prosecco !).

We currently make the following juices
Traditional Apple