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Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice Co. makes award winning refreshing juices from English apples and Yorkshire fruits which have a characteristic cloudy appearance. All our juices are pressed and bottled in the Yorkshire Wolds.

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Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice Co. Juices contains no preservatives, colourings or sweeteners. All sugars in our juices are naturally derived. There is no added sugar in any of our juice except the Apple & Elderflower juice, (see description below).
Our juices should be stored in a cool dry place. Once opened, refrigerate & consume within 3 days.
They contain natural particles of fruit which settle on standing. Shake well before serving.
All juices have an 24 month shelf life from the date of bottling.

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Cloudy Apple Juice

Cloudy Label Image

Our multi award winning traditional cloudy apple juice is pressed from English grown Cox’s Orange Pippins. These apples are regarded as the finest of dessert apples and have a richness and complexity of subtle flavours, many say they are the best tasting apples in the world. These quintessential British apples produce a juice with a strong, aromatic flavour – a classic apple juice.
A refreshing juice for all occasions, delicious served on its own or makes tempting cocktails with gin, vodka and prosecco for special occasions.

It is available in 2 sizes:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930010
25cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930003

Pear & Apple Juice

Apple & Pear Label Image

Our Pear and Apple juice is a perfectly balanced blend of sweet Conference pear, scrumptious Cox’s Orange Pippin and crisp Bramley apple juices which deliciously complement each other. A bold sweeter juice that tastes pure and natural, full of vibrant, ripe English orchard fruit flavours.
Start your day with a large glass at breakfast or enjoy all through the day for a thirst-quenching drink.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930096

Yorkshire Apple Juice

Yorkshire Label Image

Our Yorkshire blend juice is pressed from a variety of desert and culinary apples grown and hand-picked here in Yorkshire. Each small batch is unique in its flavour and colour depending on the varieties of apples pressed. Typically our Yorkshire blend has a refreshing flavour with a bit of “Yorkshire Bite”.

The table below shows where the fruit for each batch of juice came from.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930126

Production YearBatch NumberFruit sourced from
2021B604Scrayingham & East Cottingwith

Bramley Apple Juice

Bramley Label Image

Bramley apples are a famous, traditional, culinary apple and are known for their excellent flavour, this juice has the distinctive crispness that you would expect from a Bramley.
A refreshing juice that makes a wonderfully tangy breakfast drink and it’s perfect for those who prefer a little more sharpness in their juice. The crispness of this classic apple makes it a wonderful juice to enjoy with food, especially delicious with cheese.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930102

Sweet Variety Apple Juice

Sweet Variety Label Image

Our sweet variety apple juice is pressed from a blend of sweeter English apples, including Gala and Braeburn. Gala apples are a reliably sweet apple and Braeburns have a slightly sharper, more refreshing flavour with a good balance of sweetness. Using a blend of apples produces a juice that is naturally sweet and lighter in flavour. Each batch is unique in its flavour and colour depending on the varieties pressed.
Hitting the perfect balance of soft light appliness, this juice is a favourite to enjoy as a tall drink with sparkling water or for special occasions serve with champagne ”fizz”.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930119

Apple & Raspberry Juice

Raspberry Label Image

Raspberries are a favourite summer fruit of ours and their natural tanginess makes them a perfect fruit to pair with apple. We juice the most mouth-watering Yorkshire raspberries to create an exquisite juice that’s simply bursting with their intense, vibrant flavour with complementary background of sweet, zesty applyness.
Perfect to enjoy in a tall glass, served over ice, garnished with fresh raspberries.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930041

Apple & Rhubarb Juice

Rhubarb Label Image

Rhubarb lovers know that the best rhubarb in the world is grown in the legendary “Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle” so we just had to produce a juice with it. Two British “superstar” flavours come together in this classic juice combination. A mouth-watering blend of our rhubarb and Cloudy Apple juices makes for an extremely moreish juice.
It really is a taste of Yorkshire – too good to enjoy any other way than simply on its own.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930027

Apple & Elderflower Juice

Elderflower Label Image

Beautiful elderflower blossoms are picked by us from our local Yorkshire hedgerows on warm, early summer days when their scent is at its best. We then use these blossoms to make our own aromatic cordial to add to our Cloudy Apple juice. This delicately fragrant juice delivers a fresh, sweet, summer sensation from the very first sip.
Try serving with fish or white meat dishes; excellent for adding flavour to fruit salads or used as a mixer.

Contains 2% Elderflower Cordial which contains sugar.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930034

Apple & Strawberry Juice

Strawberry label Image

What more classic taste of English summer is there than plump, juicy strawberries? We juice the ripest, most scrumptious Yorkshire strawberries to blend with our Cloudy Apple juice, ensuring that this delicious summer drink is a sublime combination of luscious, sweet strawberry and crisp apple.
This tempting blend of juices is delicious in summer cocktails and punches garnished with sumptuous, seasonal fruits and is also perfect for making refreshing ice lollies.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930133

Spiced Apple Juice

Spiced Label Image

A temptingly aromatic apple juice infused with warming winter spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove add a distinctive mulled flavour which works perfectly with the rich apple flavour of traditional apple juice.
Absolutely delicious served hot, garnished with some orange peel and a cinnamon stick sat by the fire after a bracing autumn walk. It’s also a fantastic festive alternative to mulled wine and pairs wonderfully with a dash of brandy or cognac for the grown-ups.

This juice contains ground particles of spices. Some people prefer to let these settle to the bottom of the glass / cup and discard them instead of drinking them.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930089

Braeburn Apple Juice

Braeburn label image

Juicy Braeburn apples have a well –balanced, rich flavour with just enough tang to match their sweetness and are also known for having a burst of flavour when bitten into. Our traditional juice lets all the refreshing qualities of the popular Braeburn apple shine through – it’s simple, crisp and refreshing.
Simply enjoy ice cold.

It is available in 1 size:

75cl Bottle – Bar Code 5060570930140

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